Ten Green Bottles

In this task, you're going to use your programming skills to print the words to the children's song Ten Green Bottles. If you missed the first assignment, click here for instructions on how to install Python. If you are unable to install Python then you can use replit.com to run your programs on-line.


Here is a reminder of the commands you might need for this assignment. As the course progresses, you will get fewer of these reminders.

for n in range(10):
print("This will be printed ten times.")
print("This will be printed once.")

The following program, for example, will print the numbers from 10 to 100, going up in 10s:

for n in range(10,101,10):

Useful Links

If you can't remember how the song goes, or would like to read more about it, have a look at the Ten Green Bottles Wikipedia page.

Your Task

Your task is to produce a program to print the words to the song Ten Green Bottles. Your program should:

  1. be efficient and use a loop - it shouldn't just PRINT the whole song
  2. include the correct number of bottles at each stage, counting down from 10 to 1
  3. consider how to lay out the words to make the song clear and easy to read


You can use any other programming tricks you've learnt to improve the program. If you've been reading ahead, you could use a list or tuple to display the number in words instead of digits - e.g. ten green bottles instead of 10 green bottles.