Sample Health and Safety Policy

Below is a sample Health & Safety policy from a school's ICT department. It shows the sorts of things that people working with ICT needs to think about.

Health and Safety

All students should be instructed as part of their initial contact with ICT in relation to its safe use.

Particular attention should be drawn to:

Students do not generally use computers for more than 1 hour at a time and hence their exposure to glare from the monitor is minimal.

Teachers are advised not to let students adjust the blinds but must be vigilant to ensure that they are drawn when needed.

Printer paper should only be changed by staff.

All powered equipment is checked on a daily basis for security of cable connections. ICT equipment is regarded as 'portable equipment' within the broad guidelines of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and as such, all ICT equipment is electrically tested.

It is the department's policy to ensure that the school will seek to ascertain assurance from all suppliers that curriculum ICT equipment (office equipment) meets with IEC/EN 60 950/BS 7002 - Specification for safety of ICT equipment including electrical business equipment.

Additionally, the department purchases only low-radiation monitors for use with new computers given the alleged dangers of low level radiation.

Carbon-dioxide fire extinguishers should be present in every room where ICT facilities are being used.

A risk assessment has been conducted in line with school policy. The Risk Assessment document is stored in the ICT office.