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Teachers in schools will give you handouts to give you advise on certain topics and help you to revise, and we're no exception. There are links to these documents on relevant pages throughout the sites, but on this page they are all gathered together to help you see which ones you have downloaded and which ones you haven't.


Bear in mind that I wrote those guides, and don't want to see the content copied into your coursework!

Coursework Guidelines

NB. Although A level ICT no longer exists, I have left these materials in case they are useful for other courses.

Here are some tips on how to produce documents for assignments, etc.

Practical Tasks


In the first example, clicking the Merge button in Excel opens feedback.doc and merges the spreadsheet into the document. As Word opens a second copy of Excel, this can take a while to run and can results in messages about files being locked, but it does work!

The second example shows how you can open and hide word from a macro in Excel, and go a specified page within the document. This can be useful for creating help files in Word and linking them to your projects.