About This Site

This site is designed to support students of Computing and ICT at secondary schools in the UK. It has been in existence since 2001 and was initially created to support students of A level ICT with their Access coursework. The owner of the site is a Computer Science graduate, has six years' experience in the software industry and has been teaching ICT and Computing since 1998. He has been programming since 1981 and is a TES Subject Genius.

The site was greatly expanded in 2013 in preparation for the new National Curriculum in Computing. Many schools link to the site, and pages also feature in Somerset's Enquiry-Based Curriculum Map, OCR Support Materials and training materials for the Victoria State Government in Australia. The site is referenced in books, and the author is also referenced in books and appears on the reading list for Computer Science at NYU.

You can read about updates to the site, and see other items of interest on the following social media:

Longer articles appear on the TES Subject Genius page under the name Andrew Virnuls, and you can find example programs in Scratch and Repl.it.


This site has a new responsive design with pure CSS menus, and should appear correctly on a range of devices from smartphones to PCs. Some pages are not available on screens not large enough for them (e.g. the sorting balance), and not all sections appear when viewed on smaller screens (e.g. tablets), although they are all available through the A-Z Index.

The site uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, so if you are experiencing problems, please check that your browser supports these features. It has been tested with current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome - the Android browser has been discontinued and is no longer supported. If you have problems with other browsers, please send me details of the errors to [email protected][this domain] or contact me via Twitter, @advanced_ict.