Binary Breakout Options

These instructions can be used to figure the Binary Breakout game on this site to adjust the level of difficulty.

Unless these values are explicitly changed, the game will start with three binary numbers already displayed and a new number will appear every seven seconds.  Each time a new number is added, the delay before the next number is added is reduced by 50 milliseconds.  The first number will only use the three least significant bits, and an extra bit will be added after each six numbers.  When a question is answered correctly the student scores ten points, plus an extra point for each second they take less than seven seconds.

The options that can be added to the querystring are as follows:

For example, if you start off with fewer bits and a longer period, then students will quickly answer the question and the game might be empty for a lot of the time, so you might want to have more numbers in place to begin with.

You can use as many of these options as you like - if you omit them then the default values from the second paragraph are used.

If you're not familiar with querystrings, you need ? before the first one and & between them and they can appear in any order.  For example, to play the game with a number appearing every five seconds but only having two numbers to begin with, use the URL